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"B" Litter - Yorkshire Terrier



4 beautiful small yorkies: 3 little girls and one boy, after our wonderful girl
Cassie Stellar Garden and Jun.Ch.Pl. Manti Adjor.

boy - Buddy of Yorkville
girl - Brandy of Yorkville
girl - Blossom of Yorkville
girl - Bambi of Yorkville

All of our puppies left our home and went to their new loving families.
We like to wish everyone all the very best, long and wonderful years spend with our babies,
lots of health, lots of smiles and uncoditional love.

Our only boy beautiful "BUDDY of Yorkville FCI"
- lives in Cracow - Liszki with his new family Kasia, Adam and Renata.

Our Princess "BLOSSOM of Yorkville FCI" (at home Sally)
- lives in Cracow - with Asia and her family.

Our Sweetheart "BRANDY of Yorkville FCI"
- lives in Cracow - with family Poznanski.

Our precious "BAMBI of Yorkville FCI" (at home Kori)
- lives in Cracow with family Zdunczyk.

We`d like to thank our yorkie and maltese new wonderful families
for the love and care they give to our babies, and see you all soon on a family reunion.


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