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News 2012


May your days be Merry and Bright this Christmas

Merry Christmas !!!

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We cordially invite you to our new website :-))
Enjoy watching!

VI International Dog Show in Kielce (PL)
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville
excellent, silver medal, place II
judge: Dorota Zabek / PL

kiel3.jpg kiel.jpg kiel2.jpg kie.jpg

National Dog Show in Nowy Sacz (PL)
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville won a
gold medal, place 1, excellent, CWC, Winner and Best of Breed / BOB
judge: Wieslaw Boryczko / PL

DSC06791.jpg DSC06839.jpg DSC06846.jpg DSC06861.jpg DSC06866.jpg DSC06875.jpg DSC06876.jpg DSC06887.jpg DSC06945.jpg DSC06953.jpg DSC06990.jpg DSC07035.jpg

National Dog Show in Bedzin (PL)
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville won a
gold medal, place 1, excellent, CWC, Winner
judge: Piotr Krol / PL

DSC06294.jpg DSC06295.jpg DSC06297.jpg DSC06307.jpg DSC06313.jpg DSC06324.jpg DSC06325.jpg DSC06402.jpg DSC06405.jpg DSC06419.jpg DSC06433.jpg DSC06439.jpg DSC06463.jpg DSC06484.jpg

National Dog Show in Nowy Targ (PL)
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville won a gold medal, place 1, excellent, CWC
judge: Maria Zasada / PL

DSC06044.jpg DSC06047.jpg DSC06052.jpg DSC06065.jpg DSC06067.jpg DSC06068.jpg DSC06070.jpg DSC06072.jpg DSC06077.jpg DSC06082.jpg DSC06083.jpg DSC06084.jpg DSC06116.jpg

On the International Dog Show in Cracow (PL) our
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville won a bronze medal and excellent note.
judge: Leos Jancik (CZ)

01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg

On the National Dog Show IX FCI in Nowy Sacz (PL) our
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville won a gold medal a the Best Junior !!!
judge: Zofia Konderla / PL
We are so proud of our girl.

DSC04700.jpg DSC04715.jpg DSC04718.jpg DSC04720.jpg DSC04721.jpg DSC04744.jpg DSC04746.jpg

On the 41st National Dog Show in Bytom (PL) our brave girl
"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville, won first price out of 3, a gold medal and Best Junior of Breed.
judge: Wieslaw Boryczko / PL
Bravo for our lovely girl !!!!

DSC0459.jpg DSC04658.jpg DSC04670.jpg DSC04675.jpg DSC04693.jpg

All of our puppies have already found their loving new homes.

ib_home_6_1.jpg ib_home_6_10.jpg ib_home_6_11.jpg ib_home_6_12.jpg ib_home_6_2.jpg ib_home_6_3.jpg ib_home_6_4.jpg ib_home_6_8.jpg ib_home_6_9.jpg


"E" Litter
Our girl Lillady Evander gave birth to 2 lovely girls and 2 hansdsome boys.
Lillady Evander x Ch. Milledesideri Dell` Antica Storia.

ib_home_5_1.jpg ib_home_5_10.jpg ib_home_5_11.jpg ib_home_5_12.jpg ib_home_5_13.jpg ib_home_5_14.jpg ib_home_5_15.jpg ib_home_5_16.jpg ib_home_5_17.jpg ib_home_5_18.jpg ib_home_5_19.jpg ib_home_5_2.jpg ib_home_5_20.jpg ib_home_5_21.jpg ib_home_5_22.jpg ib_home_5_23.jpg ib_home_5_24.jpg ib_home_5_25.jpg ib_home_5_3.jpg ib_home_5_4.jpg ib_home_5_5.jpg ib_home_5_6.jpg ib_home_5_7.jpg ib_home_5_8.jpg ib_home_5_9.jpg

"Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville - 1 year old

ib_home_4_1.jpg ib_home_4_10.jpg ib_home_4_11.jpg ib_home_4_12.jpg ib_home_4_13.jpg ib_home_4_14.jpg ib_home_4_15.jpg ib_home_4_16.jpg ib_home_4_17.jpg ib_home_4_18.jpg ib_home_4_19.jpg ib_home_4_2.jpg ib_home_4_20.jpg ib_home_4_3.jpg ib_home_4_4.jpg ib_home_4_5.jpg ib_home_4_6.jpg ib_home_4_7.jpg ib_home_4_8.jpg ib_home_4_9.jpg

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