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News 2011



International Dog Show in Kielce (PL)
Our wonderful 10 month old maltese girl "Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville
our first maltese litter star, on her very first dog show, received an excellent mark with fourth place.

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Here are some new photos of our little girl "Sugar" A Special Wish by Yorkville with her mum Lillady Evander.

20130417_170544_resized.jpg 20130417_171531_resized.jpg 20130417_172550_resized.jpg 20130417_172552_resized.jpg 20130417_172558_resized.jpg ib_home_3.jpg ib_home_3_1.jpg ib_home_3_10.jpg ib_home_3_11.jpg ib_home_3_13.jpg ib_home_3_14.jpg ib_home_3_2.jpg ib_home_3_3.jpg ib_home_3_4.jpg ib_home_3_5.jpg ib_home_3_6.jpg ib_home_3_7.jpg ib_home_3_8.jpg ib_home_3_9.jpg


Buddy came to visit us with Kasia and her dad Mr. Wierzchos.
Brandy was here too with her wonderful family Poznanski from Cracow.
And Sally also came for a visit with her owner Asia.
Kori also visited us with her family, Mr and Mrs Zdunczyk with Sylwia their daughter.

We`d like to thank everyone for coming and invite you all to come again.

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Lilladies daughter - "Sweety" A Special Wish by Yorkville came to visit us,
what a great day it was, playing in the garden. It was sad to say goodbye,
but soon we will meet again :-)

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Welcome very cordially to our small "Yorkville" - Yorkshire Terrier & Maltese.
Where love for small wet noses is unconditional.

Yorkville has been officially rejestered under the FCI number 475/06
from the year 2006 in Cracow Poland.


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